Friday, 26 August 2011

post 56 : bile dh mabuk!!!

"I wasn't THAT drunk ,"
"dude you went into my kitchen & started to cut all of my pineapples saying , SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!"

"I wasnt that drunk!" Dude, you were in a mud puddle trying to swim and saying " im in willy wonkas chocolate river!"

i wasnt that drunk!" ... dude u ran to ur moms graden and started destroying it .. yeallin fuck farmville!

i wasnt that drunk?"
"dude, u ran up on a tree saying look how big this broccoli is!!!"

I wasnt that drunk "Dude, you threw my hamster from the window screaming PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!!!"

"i wasnt that drunk" "dude, you grabbed a sponge and told it to make you a krabby patty""

I wasnt that drunk.. Dude! You gave a sock to a midget and yelled, 'DOBBY YOU'RE FREE!' :P

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