Friday, 26 August 2011

post 56 : bile dh mabuk!!!

"I wasn't THAT drunk ,"
"dude you went into my kitchen & started to cut all of my pineapples saying , SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!"

"I wasnt that drunk!" Dude, you were in a mud puddle trying to swim and saying " im in willy wonkas chocolate river!"

i wasnt that drunk!" ... dude u ran to ur moms graden and started destroying it .. yeallin fuck farmville!

i wasnt that drunk?"
"dude, u ran up on a tree saying look how big this broccoli is!!!"

I wasnt that drunk "Dude, you threw my hamster from the window screaming PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOU!!!"

"i wasnt that drunk" "dude, you grabbed a sponge and told it to make you a krabby patty""

I wasnt that drunk.. Dude! You gave a sock to a midget and yelled, 'DOBBY YOU'RE FREE!' :P

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

post 55 : speed trap location...alert,,,

huhuhu selamat hari raya sume...
here some info for u guys......speed trap location...
so bwk ahh baik2 yek..

best dapat elak kene saman
lgi best dpt elak kemalangan
sbb boleh balik kg halaman
raya leh salam salaman....

tpi kan klu jalan tu kete 30km/j nak speed trap ape nye kan??

The Location of Speed Trap!! Take notes drivers !!
Due To this festive season, this are the places where the speed trap are locate. Drive safety ♥


Plus North Highway (From KL):
1- Km 197.1, Km 198.8 & Km 204.3 selepas exit Kemunting
2- Km 208 & Km 214.8 sebelum exit Kemunting
3- Km 271 berdekataan exit Ipoh Selatan
4- Km 274.4 berdekatan exit Ipoh Utara
5- Km 286.9 berdekatan exit Simpang Pulai
6- Km 296 berdekatan exit Gopeng
7- Km 352.6 selepas exit Sungkai
8- Km 373 berdekatan exit Slim River
9- Km 241.9 berdekatan exit Kuala Kangsar
10- Km 308.6 selepas exit Gopeng
11- Km 252 masa turun bukit selepas terowong Menora
12- Km tak pasti tapi betul2 di R&R Gurun
13- 2 km after tol Juru (90km/j)
14- 5 kamera di atas jambatan pulau pinang (so slow je la kat situ)

Plus South Highway:
1- Km 289 sebelum exit Nilai Selatan
2- Ada 3 kamera antara Km 255 - Km 249 (Persimpangan Seremban - Senawang)
3- Km 253 selepas exit Senawang
4- Km 213.9 selepas exit Alor Gajah
5- Betul2 di exit Jasin
6- Km tak pasti tapi selepas hentian sebelah Tangkak
7- Km juga tak pasti tapi jambatan pertama selepas exit Yong Peng utara
8- Km 97.3 selepas exit Air Hitam
9- Betul2 di exit Sedenak

Plus Center:
1- Km 456 selepas exit Sungai Buluh
2- Betul2 di exit Bukit Lanjan
3- Betul2 dibawah Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh
4- Km 302.8 berdekatan exit Kajang
5- Km 296.5 & Km 297 berdekatan exit Bangi

1- 300 meter sebelum tol Jalan Duta (60 km/j)
2- Selepas cabang jalan ke tol Jalan Duta (80km/j)
3- Betul2 di exit Damansara
4- Km 11.2 berdekatan rel keretapi
5- Betul2 di exit Shah Alam

1- Km 44.8 berdekatan exit LDP
2- Berhadapan Endah Parade
3- Betul2 di exit Hicom

ELITE (Dari arah KLIA)
1- Km 4.8 selepas exit Batu 3
2- Km 2 - Km 4 atas jambatan berdekatan Makro
3- Betul2 kat bawah restoran jejantas USJ
4- Km 10 sebelum exit USJ

1- Bersebelahan Hotel Mint
2- Berdekatan Esso kat exit Salak Selatan
3- Berhadapan dengan Istana Negara
4- Berhadapan dengan Muzium Negara
5- Kawasan turun bukit selepas pekan Raub (Menghala Kuala Lipis)
6- 2 km sebelum pekan Maran (Arah Kuantan)
7- Area Paya Bungor (Arah Kuantan)
8- Selepas exit ke Bentong (Menghala ke LPT)
9- Jalan Gambang - Kuantan (Turun bukit selepas Matrikulasi Pahang)
10- Berhadapan dengan Mini Malaysia Melaka (70km/j)
11- Berhadapan dengan Zoo Melaka (70 km/j)
12- Bawah jambatan dari Banting ke KLIA (80 km/j)
13- Berhadapan dengan Kolej Inti, Nilai
14- Persimpangan Sg Manggis menghala ke Klang (60 km/j)
15- Berhadapan Tesco Klang (70 km/j)
16- Jambatan berdekatan rumah MB Selangor kat Pasir Panjang (70km/j)
17- 2 km selepas sempadan Perak-Selangor di Jalan Sabak Bernam (berdekatan kilang kelapa sawit)
18- Laluan bertingkat antara USM ke Bayan Lepas
19- Jelutong expressway berdekatan Tesco Pulau Pinang
20- MRR2 antara simpang Taman Melati & Wangsa Maju
21- MRR2 berhadapan Mikro Cheras
22- MRR2 ke damansara,antara batu cave ke Bandar baru selayang

Berhati2 ketika memandu.. :)

post 54 : jokes of the day...

sory guys theres ton of reason y i didnt updates my blog....
byk sgt prob lately ngan tak berapa shat nye...
so sbb ari nie aku sgt sad....sad.....sad......
aku amik kptsan tuk appy kan dri aku ngan joke..
nie tuk korang,,,,,

1. Have you ever noticed that if you rearranged the letters mother-in-law they come out to woman hitler

2.boy: Mom, when im older, im gonna go to the moon!
Mom: Im afraid your too late son. NASA dosnt send the monkeys anymore

Exams Should Be Given On
Mobiles Instead Of Sheets


Coz today's Students Have More
Typing Speed Dan Writing Speed. . .:P
4.Daughter - iPod..
Son - iPhone..
Mom - iPad..
Dad - i Pay !! =P =(

5.what is the moral of the movie "3 idiots"?............answer: u have to b an idiot in ur early days in order to b successfull in future.

6.If all girls on facebook were half as pretty as the people on their profile pictures, there would be no Gays in the world.

7.quiting facebook is the adult version of runing away from
home, we all know u are doing it 4 attention and we all know that you'll be back

8.Sales Girl: Sorry sir, you can't smoke here.

Customer: But I bought the cigarette from this shop.

Sales Girl: We sell condoms also but it doesn't mean you can start fucking here

9.A Man threw his
Wife in a Pond Full of Crocodiles ..

He is now facing Trial in a Court
for being Cruel to Animals

10.For you men who think a woman's place is in the kitchen, remember... that's where the knives are kept.

11.Google must be a woman, it knows everything

12.A Kid With His
Mom On
The Way To Home Saw A
Couple Kissing On The Road. . .
He Shouted: Look Mom, Look
That Boy And Girl Are Fighting
For A Chewing Gum !!

13.When we were children, our parents used to be happy when we slept. Now they think we are lazy. -.-

14.Wife: Where the hell are you?
Husband: You know that jewellery shop, where you found that necklace you fell in love with?
Wife: Omg, yes! ♥
Husband: Yeah, I'm in the pub next door to it.

15.To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research

Physics wud be much easy if

Da tree itself had fallen on Newton
Very Effective Warning : ;D

A Husband Gave The
Keys Of His New Car
To His Wife With A

If You Cause An
Accident , The
Newspaper Will
Print Your
A G E" :

Monday, 8 August 2011

post 53 : list tarikh grad uitm..konvo konvo

akhirnye aku grad..yeay....okie nak list2 masa grad ngan amik jubah...just for sharing.

tahniah tuk sume2 yang grad...heheh dh msuk alam kerja nie jgn mls2 dh...bosan weh keje...tlg ahh...
aku nie dh seminggu demam...adoi....letih..